• Pieces of me

    Pieces of Me

    I know, writing about yourself is a dangerous thing for an actor to do. You might end up playing the same old role in films as you do in real life. But since I haven’t played “mister shouty, the straight-man*”…

  • Boy with guitar

    Talent Is A Myth

    Ever wondered how some people can play the piano and some can’t? How about acting – some people are just better actors than others, aren’t they? Many experts agree: focussed practice and supervised learning supported by a keen interest in…

  • Liyana frame capture
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    Liyana, a hero’s journey

    Transformative Experience Through Storytelling The transformative power of storytelling shines through in this unique and beautiful documentary. This is more than an animated movie, it’s a meta-story: the story of stories. Gcina Mhlophe, the well-known storyteller, leads a group of…

  • Bookshop

    Storie / Story

    We are made of stories & stories are where we search for the meaning of Life The most compelling stories (and coincidentally, the funniest situations) place normal, relatable, human characters in extreme situations where they are forced to confront their…

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    My Chief Aim

    Thanks for this post must go to parliament for accepting the #PPAB and #CAB, that allows actors to negotiate a settlement and build a residual income, and to Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success” – a seminal work of great…