Voice Over Demo

I have always had an interest in accents and how people express themselves. I grew up in a bilingual English / Afrikaans household and I had a set of grandparents from Scotland and Wales, and another from Holland, so it’s no wonder that I spent quite a lot of time experimenting with tape recorders and pretending to be from other places.

Here are a collection of voice samples to show off a bit. It’s what I do.

Reklame Boodskap / Radio Read

Penultimate -in Afrikaans

Ja, my naam is nie verniet Dirk Jonker nie. Ek praat ook vlot Afrikaans. Ek was in Randburgse Afrikaanse Hoërskool (en ek weet hoe om ‘n deelteken op ‘n “e” te sit!)


video game voice – demon

Demon Bar Pickup Line – Game Voice Over Demo

The above sample was run through some processing. Listen to the clip below for a breakdown as each layer of effects is applied: “You were warned.” – straight from the mic; “Now you will spend” – echo added; “eternity” – added the phaser; “with me” – dropped the pitch -3.86 semi-tones.