My Chief Aim

Thanks for this post must go to parliament for accepting the #PPAB and #CAB, that allows actors to negotiate a settlement and build a residual income, and to Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success” – a seminal work of great importance and an amusing read/listen on Audible.

So I’ve been struggling recently. I became a photographer out of frustration at not booking any acting jobs. I became an actor due to frustrations at not having a good employer before that. (The wisdom that comes with old-age is a pain in the arse.)

The fantastic acting courses I attended recently have unfortunately led to a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty – but community theatre is coming to the rescue: come and see me in “Hay Fever” by Noel Coward at the Milnerton Playhouse end of May/beginnning of June 2019.

For months I’ve been trying to figure out what a photographer does for money, short of relying on his generous and mystifyingly lovely family for support in following his dream. And then it turns out that they are real people and you can’t expect them to believe in the ethereal for ever.

A dream, by the way, is just a form of plan that hasn’t actually been formalized – so a bit of a float, really. (I do tell my family regularly that I love each of them. If you’re in a similar position you might want to cultivate the habit.)

Teeth – models own

Now to the point, before the kids get bored: oh, s*tuck it. They’ve already left. To you old fogeys though, who recognize real wisdom when you see it: go and get “The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill. It’s available at Audible if you’re eyes are failing or you choose to listen in the car.

Skip through the “I worked so hard and **insert appeal to authority**-thought it was great and, well, a team of sales people made millions of dollars“-hype – unless you’re marginally amused by that sort of old-world charm, like I was. Marginally.

The meat of it is intention, and as an actor that fascinates me.

Aim for the stars, they said at school, and you might end up in the branches of a tree, which beats being on the cold, hard ground. (These were teachers after all)

The Law of Success says: AK-47. When you absolutely have to kill every f**ker in the room. Accept no substitutes.

Or that may have been Samuel L. what-his-name in that movie. Pulp Fiction, or something. – I’m getting too old to care about googling every little thing. You do it.

Anyway, before I write a novel, and if you need a quick-fix for what your own main intention should be (and I know mine is boring, but it’s real). This is mine:

To build a strong support system and resilient residual income so that I can enjoy old age in comfort and good health with the option to travel.

I don’t really enjoy travel, so that’s why “*the option to” – I might change my mind. It’s happened before.

Anyway. If you’ve read this far: I love you, and say good-night to Doug/Rupert/My mom/Your Mom/Erica/The dog for me. 😉

P.S. the position of stalker is open, but we’ll have to arrange it so you pay me for the privilege of following me around. Maybe you could pay my coffee shop bill, if you’re interested.

I am not an Amazon affiliate and I won’t earn a sent out of selling their books on Audible, yet.